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Advanced Specifications of Micro Borescopes

The practical applications of micro Borescopes in the automotive industry are seen to be very high. This is due to the need for precision inspection of small size pipes and closed structures. The latest models of micro devices are equipped with most of the advanced features found in the high end macro Borescopes. For example the optics technology used in such devices allows you to switch between eyepiece and camera within a few seconds. The application of NANO coating on the lens gives the option to eliminate all types of optical aberrations from the device. This is specially seen in the areas around the lens edges where the probability of image fringing is very high.

Borescopes Color Correction Mechanism

Large sized Borescopes have the options for the installation of Penta prisms. They are able to perform color corrections from the source object till the light reaches the eyepiece or camera. However the smaller size of Micro Borescopes prevents the installation of prisms. In such cases the color corrections are to be done with the help of lenses and camera alone. They are now taken care of by the intelligent CMOS chip attached to the camera.

  • Chip Specification: – The CMOS chip is a computer controlled device used for enhancing the optical properties of the images and videos. The usual location of the chip is at the tip of the probing arm. Since the arm can bend easily due to its flexible nature, the chip can also rotate through 360-degress with articulation of +/- 120-degrees in each direction of articulation. Hence the chip can show sharp images from the remotest corners of the pipes without any aberrations. The enhanced field of view for the lens and the camera further increases the efficiency of the chip. Moreover the chip is equipped with a highly sensitive image sensor. This sensor is capable of detecting the minutest of flaws in the pipes and other closed structures. Once detected it can magnify the image multiple times and increase its sharpness even from the darkest corners of the pipes. So you are able to carry out the best of corrective and preventive repairing operations in time.
  • True-Color Presentation: – In many instances the impact of LED on the target object can change the appearance of the original object color. For example the defects within the fuel injection pipes can appear with a completely different color format, making their identification difficult. In such cases the chip can intelligently interpret the combination of object colors and differentiate the defects from the functional parts. So you are able to identify the original parts easily and take action for repairing the defects.

Borescopes Advanced Display Unit

The advanced display unit in the Borescopes also acts as digital control panel. The installed OS in the remote sensing handheld device can work with application sensitive menu and command controls. You will be able to operate the controls through touch-screen system. You can control the entire working parts of the Borescopes through the device in an efficient and effective manner.